Quick Guide for New Students

Getting Help

To contact Technical Support, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This is the most efficient way to contact us. Telephone calls to x327 are welcome when the network or electronic mail system is unavailable. Please do not stop us in the hallway, in the Chapel, or “around campus” to ask us questions or notify us of problems.

Our staff is comprised of Georgios Kokonas, Chief Technology Officer, and Roman Ostash, Systems Support Specialist. Certain students and other part-time staff will assist you with particular requests.

Web Site

The St Vladimir’s Seminary web site is available at https://www.svots.edu.  Course syllabuses and documents are available at http://ecampus.svots.edu. E-campus also contains links to other important seminary web sites such as the Student Portal. Use http://gmail.svots.edu to access your e-mail.

Accounts – Electronic Mail, Library Terminals, and Printing

New student account information was distributed to you during the summer. Photographs for your student ID / access card will be taken during orientation. Use of seminary technology is governed by the “SVS Systems and Network Rules and Guidelines” agreement.

If you would like to change your Windows password, on which your e-Campus password depends, log into the “public-access” shortcut on the library terminals. Holding [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [End] will present you with a prompt for a new password.

You are encouraged to use the H:/ drive on your profiles to save files, rather than the desktop. Doing so will aid in maintaining the speed of your profiles.

Printing is available to students in the library for a fee. You may do this through the “public-access” icon on the library computer. Print to one of the installed printers (RicohLibrary supports double-sided printing at a discount), and then click on the “Release Papercut Print Jobs” icon on the Desktop. Login, and select the print job that you wish to release to the printer by clicking “[print]” on the right. The job will be sent to the queue and print. For details regarding the rates, click on “Rates” on the left toolbar.

Each new student is credited with 200 single-sided pages worth of printing at the beginning of the first academic year.  If you print more than this amount, you will need to buy an SVS Student Printing Token for $10.00 from the SVS Bookstore. You may redeem your card by clicking on “Redeem Card” on the left sidebar, entering the card number in the field provide, and clicking “Redeem Card”.

ResNet – “How do I get Internet in my room?”

To sign up for a connection to the Internet and seminary network in your dormitory room or apartment, fill out the online form at https://techsupport.svots.edu using your account information. You must be logged into your SVOTS Google account only, i.e., with no multiple sign-in sessions. Please provide your information by the end of the first week of classes.  Failure to do so may result in restricted access.

Wireless is available in many locations in the residences. If you are prompted for a WPA password, use: c5uThECh

You may not install your own wireless access point or related equipment on our network without express written permission; see techsupport.svots.edu for further information.  Students granted permission must follow our registration and setup instructions.

Legal Issues

All seminarians are reminded that they sign a document agreeing to abide by our “System and Network Rules and Guidelines” at registration. Seminarians are further reminded that they are bound by all applicable legislation regarding copyright infringement. We expect that our seminarians will exceed legal compliance and be exemplary members of our “online community.”  If you have any questions about appropriate and ethical behavior on the Internet, we would be happy to speak with you.